Wednesday, 26 June 2019

11 Best Watches To Gift Your Girlfriend: Updated List

From Sekonda womens watches to Casio, here we have listed down the latest models of best ladies watches in trend today.

While men’s timepieces men get top billing often, women’s watches are just as worthy of note. Have a look at the most statement making choices available in the market today.

1. Seksy by Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with White Dial Analogue Display

Seksy by Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with White Dial Analogue Display

The white dial two-tone analogue display watch is a Sekonda’s classic piece featuring Coloured Case with Rose Gold Plated Panels made with Swarovski elements stainless Steel Bracelet with adjustable links White Dial with sparkle elements Dial has gold tone coloured hands.

2. Casio Women's Wrist Watch

Casio Women's Wrist Watch

This mineral glass watch features gold tone case, leather Band and date display with simple and easy to use design. Its elegance comes from its simplicity.

3. Henley Wrist Watch For Women

Henley Wrist Watch For Women

Henley recently launched this gorgeous ladies watch. The new iteration includes a polished bracelet which is set with diamante crystals that perfectly complements the polished case and soft sun-ray dial with diamante highlights.

4. Ravel Ladies Watch

Ravel Ladies Watch

This sports watch by Ravel comes with colour coordinated silicon straps. It features Arabic sports dial, straight bold hands and quartz movement.

5. Reflex Ladies Fashion Summer Watch Stainless Steel Plated Case Pink Soft PU Strap

Reflex Ladies Fashion Summer Watch Stainless Steel Plated Case Pink Soft PU Strap
The Reflex ladies fashion summer watch features polished rose gold classic round case, heart picture dial, pink soft PU leather strap and rose gold hands and index.

6. Elizabeth Rose Cream Pink Floral Vintage Design Ladies Quartz Watch

Elizabeth Rose Cream Pink Floral Vintage Design Ladies Quartz Watch
The true vintage collection by Elizabeth rose features beautiful cream pink floral vintage design, quarts analogue 3 hands, soft Pvc Floral case & strap with buckle fastening.

7. Eternity Wrist Watches For Women

Eternity Wrist Watches For Women

A sleek & wonderfully styled watch by eternity comes with a metal alloy case on a matching stone set bracelet featuring a stone set dial.

8. Limit Ladies Stone Set Watch Matching Bracelet, Ball Pendant Pink Mother of pearl dial

Limit Ladies Stone Set Watch Matching Bracelet, Ball Pendant Pink Mother of pearl dial
Limit ladies elegant stone watch has a pink mother of pearl dial, analogue display and scratch resistant glass. It comes with a matching stone set metal bracelet and pendent.

9. Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Mother of Pearl Dial Analogue

Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Mother of Pearl Dial Analogue

Sekonda Women's Quartz Watch with Mother of Pearl Dial Analogue features stainless steel plated stoned round case and gold plated bracelet style strap.

10. Henley Wrist Watch With Round Gold Case With Gold Face

Henley Wrist Watch With Round Gold Case With Gold Face
This gorgeous watch by Henley has a round gold case with gold face, soft sunray dial with crystal index, colour coordinated sword hands and polished bracelet set with diamante crystals.

11. Reflex Wrist Watch With Gold Tone Bezel With White Face

Reflex Wrist Watch With Gold Tone Bezel With White Face
This stylish timepiece by Reflex features gold tone bezel with white face, blue PU croc effect strap, and gold tone hour, minute and blue second hand.

All the above watches can be easily bought at Give & Take UK at affordable prices. Select your favourite and buy watches online from the comfort of your home.

Monday, 6 May 2019

5 Common Mistakes You Often Make With Your Watch

Watches are so much more than just device for telling the time, despite it being their main function. They are typically astounding pieces of jewellery, a way to finish an outfit, an out-rider of one’s personal style and a way of displaying your sense of taste.

Here are some common mistakes that you might want to avoid next time.

Not knowing the capability of your watch

First thing is to know maximum about your watch. As it’s the design elements, complications and the unique features in designer wholesale watches that make them different from one another. The common complications are GMT that enables the watch to track second time and then there is chronograph which lets the wearer to measure elapsed time. Generally a watch’s merit is measured on its complication level. So if you are straying around the town with a minute repeater, perpetual calendar or a tourbillion and don’t know about them then you are somewhat missing the point.

Misinterpreting in the evening

It is more than acceptable to wear a bracelet strapped watch, but when it comes to sprucing up no evening outfit look is complete without a dress watch. Simplicity is a golden rule. Sleek leather straps, understated dials and gold/silver cases are also worth looking out for. 

Spending lots of money

Fine, mechanical, handmade watches cost way too much. But the margin in relatively low as the rare materials and expertise that go into making a watch of such rank are so difficult to come by. Though irrespective of your budget, you can always find something stunning, reliable and worth putting on your wrist. Brands like Casio, Seiko, Sekonda, limit, Henley, Crosshatch and Royal London Watches are all worth exploring and each have their own technical and aesthetic merits. With progress in the career everyone builds their collection, with each purchase slightly more costly than the previous. So if you can’t afford an expensive watch right now, one day you might. And you can still look good while you wait.

Leather in heat

Watches are also seasonal just like garments. For that reason a chunky chrono watch is not for the beach, summer or the formal events. Opt for a nato strap for summers as it is lot more comfortable. For a beach outing go for a silicon or rubber strap and as they are water proof you don’t have to worry about getting them wet.

Not taking care of the watch

Good watches hold their value and it is absolutely worth keeping them in ship form with regular cleans and services. As some vintage watches that are kept well and taken care of get auctioned at amazing price no matter the actual worth of the watch.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Top 7 Trendy Sekonda Watches Under £60 in 2019

In the world of watches, it is easy to dismiss anything cheaper as a whole. If there is no diamond, big brand name or automatic movement & with these, a big value tag - it's not clearly worth your time. Well we can prove that mindset as load of bosh.

A good watch need not to be high-priced nor should it have distinguished credentials. If you are unaffected by specific craftsmanship and brand reputation, there’re many get-at-able labels that focus on elegance rather than mechanism- the process part that connects greatest cost.

This means you can bring a great timepiece at a very little price, provided you leave your horological hang ups behind. Nevertheless, keep an eye on several things says Sekonda’s new product development manager Gus Webbe.  Irrespective of the cost some styles are meant for long life. The most outstanding styles include neutral colours, clear battles or numbers to dial and clear design says Webb. Three things that have the longevity feature.

So wrist up with one of these watches for under £60 from Sekonda. 

Gents Sekonda Chrono Watches

Due to the intensified craft chronograph watches are usually more expensive. However, here is an amazing chrono watch from Sekonda to help you save a lot of your money. Available in different patterns and designs these tickers provide an ultimate touch of perfection with its stunning style.


Every piece from Sekonda including the brown dial index and rose gold case seen here is an amazing design yet low in price, making exquisite style affordable for every man.

Mineral Glass 

Treat yourself with a classic monochrome timepiece that has amazing Mineral Glass and Croco Grain Leather Strap.

Multi Dial

Take the black multi-dial Chronograph/ Date function watch by Sekonda available with original box and instructions.

Bracelet Watch

With this gold iteration pack retro function on a first class bracelet. Crystal glass, Gold case and
Silver dial makes it a perfect ticker at very pocket-friendly cost.

The Minimalist

Pieces like this Minimalist always outlive fleeting trends for a watch truly worth the price tag. The amazing blue dial with brown strap gives it a perfect sturdy look.

Stainless Steel

Add some steel resolve to your outfit versatility. The watch will go well with a suit as will with your civilian outfit. It features Stylish gold metallic dial with gold effect accents, sunray style batons and hands along with a date window.

Now you can easily get your hands on, on these beautiful men's sekonda watches from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is simply visit and grab your favourite style.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019


Watch is a timeless piece of gift for any man.

Aside from being a significant military device since World War I, it has also been a manly fashion accessory. 

Most of the people worldwide use wristwatches today and a lot consider it as a fashion necessity. 

Watch shows a lot about ones style and personality. Apart from wearing it for practical reasons such as making sure you are always on time, amazing watches also make an effortless style statement. 

Thus, if you are looking for an awesome gift for your father, husband, boyfriend or son, a watch is certainly something worth gifting. It’s something they need and like.

Let’s take a look at the list of cool watches for men, you may give as a gift.

Stylish Watch

This Casio ticker inspired by classic collection is sure to impress any soul. Casio has timeless collection that leaves a definitive impression. The golden case and leather belt is accented by white dial while black hour markers & golden hands add some contrast. If you want a watch for him that he can sport every day, then this is the one. 

Modern Watch

This modish Hermes dial is wonderful just like the bond shared between you & your beau. Robust and splendid in features this limit men’s watch will be a high luxury addition to your man’s watch collection. 

Tachymeter Bracelet Watch

Sekonda is known for its ultimate collection that makes you simply fall in love with it and Tachymeter Bracelet Watch is a perfect example of that artistry. The watch features a black dial, stainless steel bracelet and case, and silver hour markers. Buy gents Sekonda chronos online today.

Royal London

Royal London is a great choice for the fans of minimalism. In a classic design the watch has an elegant black dial with index and date function, silver case and stainless steel bracelet. If he loves simplicity then it does not get much better than this.

Rose Gold Watch

If you are looking for incredible style & value all-in-one watch, Henley’s round rose gold watch is a great choice. It features black dial, rose gold case and hour markers. Whether he is dressing up casually or formal its versatility is perfect to stand out in both settings.

Something Blue Watch 

The Seiko automatic watches feature a blue dial contrasted with two-tone mustard and grey, silver bracelet & silver case. It has large white hour markers, thick hands and day & date display. This classic watch will make a great addition to man’s watch collection.

Sports Watch

This Casio sports watch features time & distance calculations, an Auto LED back-light and a tilt of the wrist which is useful for night time runs.  If he is more of an adventurer than a formal businessman, this is the way to go.

Crosshatch Time Teller

This crosshatch watch featuring silver metal case decorated black dial with green hour markers will definitely give any man style, quirk & above all a sturdy look. It defines a man with its robustness and makes an impression of ultimate style.

I love London Watch

I Love London Men's Quartz Analogue Watch with White Soft adjustable Silicon Strap is a collection to bend your mind with the love for London. This watch is perfection for everyone who would like to take a souvenir after visiting London back home.

Softech Watch

Treat you guy which this quirky gun black Softech watch featuring Unique Disc Watch Time Display Design, Gunmetal Tone Case, Black Strap With Gunmetal Tone Buckle.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Perfect Men’s Guide to Buy Watches According to Personality

There was a period when most individuals used the wrist watch for keeping time. However, not anymore. In the current digital world where everyone is surrounded by smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktops etc., time indications are everywhere.  Slowly and stilly, in the recent decade the wrist watch has turned itself into a more fashion accessory, instead of something we wear for its usefulness, a sartorial requirement like a pocket square, or a bracelet, or a cufflink. 

In fact for many men it the only jewellery item they will wear. In that sense the watch has become an add-on to your personality which reflects your character and inner style. 

Let’s identify a watch that matches your personality from a range of slazenger gents watches.


You like the flash, shimmer and the swagger. You like your watch to speak out even before you reach at a party. In that case what could be better than gold? You’re a tie-bar and cuff-links kinda guy. You’ll never get caught in an underrated tie.


Never too deafening, he is that unusual watch admirer who likes to maintain a low profile status. His watch will always have that classic look. Its all about being elegant, inconspicuous and classy for him.


You love living your life king size. Big appetite, big shoulders, big wrist and king size bed. Rather than driving a Volkswagen Polo you’d prefer to be driven in a Mercedes or a Bentley. Your kinda watch? Any watch with over 45 mm diameter. Gents crosshatch watches will give you, your style.


He is the one always on the move. Loves travelling, open to cultures, like trying out new things, loves global music & has watched most of the movies in flight. His watch is the most essential part of his transcontinental travels.


His watch is the major fashion accessory he dons, and probably costlier than his car. His watch is always a point of discussion.


He might be a software engineer or an investment banker, though at heart he is adventurous who gets his high from diving both off planes and in the sea, sports and certainly from bungee jumping. His watch lets him stay connected with his anxious inner self.


His life is an open book. He is outgoing, social and charming. Likewise he even likes his watch to reveal itself completely.


He kind of like speed, loves going to gym, always keeps himself fit, closely follows EPL and never misses out on watching an IPL game in the city. He dreams to be an owner of Ferrari one day. His watch is an aperture to his active sporty soul. Slazenger gents watches are an epitome of robust and sporty traits of a man. 


You have the average wrist size. Compact and small is your idea of style. You love sports car and your jacket’s lapel is more likely to be notched and slim instead of peaked. You like your watch to fit comfortably on your wrist. Anything below 40 mm is perfect for you. 

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Unique Gift Ideas Under £15

Exchanging gifts on special occasions have been a tradition since the longest time. One of the reasons why it is warm to gift someone is that it shows appreciation. But, there is no such rule that the bigger the gift, the more you value the person. 

Gifts shouldn't be seen according to the amount, but with how much love it is given. It is possible that at times, you are running low in budget and you still want to gift a person with something. 

In this article, we are going to share unique gift ideas under £15.

1. Alarm Clocks

Being punctual is extremely necessary for life, and if your friend or special one has a problem waking up every morning, you can gift them Casio Alarm Clocks. They are helpful and under your budget as well. It is also a pretty good alarm clock for heavy sleepers. 

They are available in different shades and styles and depending upon the choice of the person you are gifting and the budget, you can choose the best one. 

2. Solar Puckator Toys

It could be an exciting gift to someone who is not very small and also mature enough to handle his toys. The Animated Solar Toys work on solar panel, and usually, they nod their head or make some movements when they are exposed to light. They can be charged using any sources of light, but it is preferable to charge them under sunlight. 

However, it is advisable not to gift them to kids below six years because they might not be able to handle it nicely.

3. Watches

Watches can be a pretty sensible gift, and everyone loves it. Most men consider watches as their prized possession. You can gift watches to your friend, and the Ravel LCD Watches are one of the best choices. 

They are incredibly classy and available in different shades. Depending upon the type of watches that your friend prefers, you can choose the one for him.

4. Calculator

As unique and different it seems, but it is a great idea. If your friend is in need of a calculator, you can always consider it as an option to gift. It is a useful one who is going to be used by your friend almost every time. 

There are many affordable calculators available in the budget, and Citizen Calculator is one of the best among them. They can be used for fast calculations and are reliable products.

5. Desktop Telephones

Corded Desktop telephones are pretty unique and significant gifts to be given to someone who is needed. It could be used in the home, office for business and personal purposes. 

The corded TEL UK Telephones can be used to perform different business functionalities like PBX compatibility. They can also be accessed as Big Button Phones when needed. They are even available within the budget and is a good option. 

These are some of the unique gift ideas which you can gift someone within a low budget. When you give someone a gift, it is even better when it is something useful that they will cherish for the entire life and hence, these options are great to be considered. 

Wednesday, 26 December 2018

The ultimate watch gift guide for a watch lover

The Holiday season is on! This is the time of the year where you exchange gifts with near and dear ones. Are you confused regarding what to gift to them? Well, all of us will agree, that watches are one of the best gifts that can be given. If you find watches very costly, there are many other things like a new strap, watch book which can be bought. Many people will also love to have a watch box or a watch case as a gift. There are a lot of brands that sell watches, and it is true, that you might get confused. In this article, we are going to help to choose some of the best brands of watches.

1) Sekonda

The Sekonda watches are doing great in the market. They have a fantastic collection of watches which will make you fall in love with the brand. The watches are available in both metallic and leather straps, and you can gift them according to their preference. The watches have some of the best patterns that you will ever witness. There are also Sekonda Waterproof watches and divers’ watches; so you don't have to worry much before gifting it to your adventurous friends. When you gift someone a watch, you necessarily look for a style factor with perfection. They are available in various price ranges, and you should check them out definitely.

2) Seiko

Although it is a little more expensive brand compared to the previous one, they have a fantastic collection which is worth having a look. If you are looking for something which is going to enhance the glory and style statement of your man, you have to check this brand out. The watches make sure that they provide with a perfect and ever-lasting impression. The Automatic Seiko Watches are available mostly in golden and silver metallic straps which have unique patterns in them. You can also find watches with colorful dials in this brand. This alluring brand definitely will make your man happy with your gift.

3) Henley

This brand is not as heavy on your pocket as the previous one, but when it comes to the class and elegance factor, it works pretty well. The Henley Gents watch range is pretty long lasting and if you can flaunt this watch and make a great impression. These watches are also pretty durable and comfortable. The watches are available with a metallic strap which has great patterns in it. These watches add bling to your entire personality and make for a great gift that you can consider giving to your friends and family.

Undoubtedly, watches are the classiest gift that you can give. Just make sure that you read the reviews if you are purchasing them online. Since they are expensive, it is advisable that you get them for a verified shop or online website. Most of them come with a classy watch case, so you don't have to worry about the packaging as well. 

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Alarm Clock Gift Ideas for Holiday Season 2018

Looking for innovative gift ideas this festive season? With the festive and the much-awaited holiday season just around the corner, it is high time that you start thinking about creative gift ideas for your close friends and family members. If you are confused about what to gift this holiday season, designer gift clocks are the most trending options out there.

Widdop Chrome Fold-up cushion shape Alarm Clock

Why You Need Alarm Clock?

Alarm Clocks are designed to wake you up every morning with ultimate freshness and a great vibe all over. If you are going on a adventure, you can choose travel alarm clocks as they are compact and easy to store.

There are several benefits of the alarm clocks. Here are some of the specialized features of the designer alarm clock that make it a great gift option on special occasions:

Designed to Wake You Up : Alarm clock has been designed to wake you up every morning with ultimate freshness at all times. Do you feel tired while waking up every morning? Make way for using this digital alarm clock to help you wake up every day without any delays. Make the most of your entire day by waking up in time every day with the help of Fold-up cushion shape Chrome Alarm Clock.

Acctim Thunderbell Chrome Effect Quartz Bell Alarm Clock
Simple & Practical: Casio Alarm clocks have been designed to be utterly simple and highly practical at the same time. The overall digital alarm clock comes with a simple, yet intuitive design to enhance the overall experience of the users. Moreover, the digital clock is also known for offering a wide range of high-end practical solutions to help you manage your entire day effectively.

Multiple Functions: In addition to helping you wake up every morning, the high-end alarm clocks also come with multiple functions. Right from supporting the innovative snooze feature to offering support to the radio, the alarm clock is a multi-purpose device that you can make use of for enhanced experience.

Give & Take UK is one of the leading online stores which sell best quality alarm clocks. Our range of portable, travel-friendly alarm clocks is suitable for everyone. No matter if you want it for yourself or for your loved ones, these alarm clocks should be on your shopping list. 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Tips to stop hitting snooze and wake up early

One of the biggest challenges that you must have faced in life is to wake up on time. The most significant factor behind our delay in waking up is the fact that we hit the snooze button almost 6-7 times. No morning is complete without doing that. It has been a routine activity for all of us to hit the snooze button 'n' number of times before we finally wake up. If you want to give up on this routine, here are a few tips by experts working at the Casio alarm clock that will help you stop hitting the snooze button and wake up early.

1. You need to change your mindset

You need to think that when your alarm clock rings it is a new day full of new opportunities for you. If you think of mornings as a time to go again to your warm and cozy bed, it will be almost impossible for you to wake up on time. When you start appreciating and welcoming the day ahead, you will get up on time.

2. You should set the alarm time you will be happy to wake up at

You should always set realistic goals while setting the alarm clock. There is no point in setting the alarm clock for a time that you won't be waking up at. Set a time that is practical enough to wake up for you. Also, you should set a tone that sounds agreeable to your ears. Nobody likes to get disturbed in the middle of sleep with an unpleasant sound.

3. You should keep the alarm clock away from you

When you keep the alarm clock away from your bed, you will get a chance to get up and go to the clock to hit the stop button. If you keep the clock near yourself, you will not get up and tend to sleep more in your warm and cozy bed. 

4. You should follow a sleeping schedule

All of us have a natural body clock. You should try and know what your sleep cycle is. If you wake up in the middle of the sleep, you will remain drowsy even after waking up. If you need to get up early in the morning, you should sleep on time. Also, you should follow the same schedule every day irrespective of the fact whether it is weekend or not.

5. You should let the natural light come into your room

If your room is dark, you tend to sleep more. You should remove the shades slightly so that the natural light comes into your room through the window. Morning sun is the best alarm when you need to wake up on time.

Apart from following these tips, you should also drink water when you wake up for the first time. Drinking water in the morning will boost your metabolism and eliminate your drowsiness. If you too are struggling from daily snooze hits, this is undoubtedly the way out for you.

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

What your Wake Up Time Says About You

We all know that getting the right amount of sleep is essential to our health. Normally, people who sleep on time get up on a steady schedule. Now, what does your hour of waking up say about you? Find out with these:

4 Am or earlier: 
You are stressed with your life and your job. It feels dragging, but you have to continue working because of your needs.

Don’t be worried about life problems, deal with them. If Job is a problem then change it.

5 Am
Even though your job schedule tends to be crazy and frustrating, you still try your best to get up on time and work it out. 

6 AM
You are probably someone who is very disciplined in all things- you hit the gym before work, get in a good breakfast, and are starting your day off on the right foot.

7 AM
People who wake up at this time of the morning tend to be methodological and organized. 

8 AM
You’re the vast majority of people working 9-5 jobs. Your life may be a little dull or lacking adventure, and you often find your responsible side kicking your spontaneous side in the throat.

9 AM
You are an unorganized person. Take a break from your hard-working life and hang out with friends.

10 AM
You must be a creative person who believes in working till 2 am in the night. you know that your creative prowess only unleashes itself during night time. 

11 AM
This is understandable for people who are on night shifts. Because you need to have quality and sound sleep, it is okay to wake up at 11 a.m. 

12 AM
Unless you do night shifts, well, this is normal. But if not, you are just simply a lazy type of person. Time to set your priorities.

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